Real Reviews By Real People

“great loving lawyer, that will fight to the end for you!!!!
Julie is a great attorney that will stand by her clients and fight for them to no end! She is very trustworthy, & always keeps you informed about everything involving your case. I think ALOT of her as a individual & an attorney! I love her & would not EVER use another attorney! I strongly recommend you call her if u have any legal issues. She is the BEST!”

“All in all one of the best-
I have used miss Julia Morris on two different cases one consisted of a felony possession of control substance and another with a DWI both cases she represented me thoroughly and honestly got me to the point where I was able to serve my time and do whatever it was that needed to be done to get my sentence reduced or done as quickly as possibleI would recommend miss Julia Morris to anyone cuz I know she would represent them to her fullest capabilities.”

“For Life!
I have used Ms. Morris I believe since she came into the industry. As her career started with one of the top lawyers in the DFW area she took me on as a client and understandably I have caused much headache. Although through all I have been through she has stood by my side for all these years taking my frustration and pushing it aside and still standing. She really, really truly cares about what she does. Even if the outcome is not always what you want she will work hard to find a resolve so you can move forward in life. “getting hurt in wars you can’t win will make it harder to win the ones you can”. Thank you so much Juliana for all your years of helping me and supporting me.”

“Love her. I have used Julie for various reasons of the last 4 years from traffic tickets to child support and have referred to her to many of my friends who have needed an attorney.”

“Tiger in court-
Juliana always advised me well, and was able to resolve my cases to my satisfaction. I plan on using her again. She has a small office, and was in court quite a bit, but then again she is a lawyer, she went so far as to give me her personal cell phone to contact her. I only used it for emergency situations. I was very pleased with her service.”